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Sauna / Massage / Japanese Massage /Xin Yuan Massage

Xin Yuan Massage

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Sauna / Massage / Japanese Massage

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Shanghai Indoor Stadium,
XuHui District
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Price Range: $$$$
Price range is the approximate cost per person for a meal including one drink, tax, and tip.

We're going for averages here, folks.

$ = Cheap, 50-100 CNY
$$ = Moderate, 100 - 200 CNY
$$$ = Spendy, 200 - 500 CNY
$$$$ = Splurge, Above 500 CNY
Business Description:
【Service】:ISO Massage,90mins,Wip,Tie up,Electronic Dioldo,cos play 【Price】:680 CNY 【Number of Girls】:20+
【Service】:ISO Massage,90mins,Wip,Tie up,Electronic Dioldo,cos play
【Price】:680 CNY
【Number of Girls】:20+
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